Marketing Your Business

We often receive calls from organizations stating “our marketing strategy is not working”. When we explore their strategy we find that their marketing strategy is in fact an advertising strategy. Advertising is merely a component of marketing; the true marketing plan includes business development, retention, market growth and diversification. It essentially parallels the business plan.

There are two elementary components that must be reviewed prior to developing a modular marketing plan and strategy.

Firstly, knowing your business and its offerings:

Social Media: Is it a silver bullet?

Many of our clients express their desire to increase their online presence by using facebook and twitter. Our reply is fantastic! WHY?

The answers are often well thought out, to develop a bigger market, to retain clients to improve branding. These are all correct, yet at the same time many of these organizations have regular email updates to their consumers or memberships. They offer phone support and email support so how will the addition of social media strategy further assist them? In short it can have both positive and negative outcomes.

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