Improving Efficiency: Work Flow Analysis

Work Flow Analysis (WFA), is the assessment of the process, as to how work ‘flows’ through your organization.

WFA, will help you improve efficiency and therefore your bottom line. We achieve this by assessing your internal processes and communications.

Efron Media Group utilizes its own system known as Global Positing System Analysis (GPSA). Our system can be applied to any organization small or large and in virtually any industry.

If you are in business you can benefit from WFA.

Staffing Skill Review

Like technology and marketing your staff are a cornerstone of your business. Without them, your business will not progress. This may lead to customer dissatisfaction and as a result, they may seek alternative suppliers of goods and services.

Todays business strategy is that of a “lean” business approach. In small and medium organizations that often means a reduction in staff. Depending on the organisation, staff reduction is a short term reactionary response to market changes.

A far superior technique is to perform a Staffing Skill Review.

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