Client Communication

In business why we communicate can often blur the actual message we wish to put forward. The purpose of communication is to make clients aware of a promotion, practice or legislative change or events that your organisation may have. Communication may also be in the form of marketing to prospective clients.

When we communicate we must have a goal in mind, “What do we wish to achieve?” Without such a goal the entire process is negated and will not be as successful as you hoped.

Businesses have a abundance of media available to them from standard advertising be it mail, mailbox, newspapers or television; through to online communications such as bulk email, direct email, websites, and social media forums such as specific groups sites, Facebook and Twitter.

These methods differ greatly and if used wisely can get your message to your current or prospective clients. Many organisations do not harness the right model of media for their specific business.

Direct Communications

This process involves communication directly between your client and your organisation. Direct communication can be as simple as a status update on an order or a monthly project update.

Direct Communication is one of the easiest forms of marketing, quite simply because it is a warm lead. Communication with warm leads is paramount to continued repeat business. It is a key component of a brand management and growth strategy and can be a great source of referrals

Indirect Communications

This the more difficult and challenging form of communication focusing on communicating with those people, organisations or groups that are not currently conducting business with your organisation. Indirect communications can utilise the same tools as direct communication and if mastered can provide for ongoing business growth.

The communications checklist:

1. What do I want to communicate?
2. With whom do I want to communicate?
3. What form of media do I want to use?
4. How will I roll out the communication?
5. How will I assess the success of the communication?

Our team can assist you with social media, develop eye catching bulk emails and newsletters that will get your current clients talking and forwarding. We can also assist you with print advertising and general commercial communications like how to deal with complaints and how to build brand allegiance through communications.

Efron Media Group can help you with your communication modelling and assist you in developing the best method for your organisation. We will assess your current methods, observe how your staff interact with clients and provide you with a process that will get your message out clearly and concisely.