Improving Efficiency: Work Flow Analysis

Work Flow Analysis (WFA), is the assessment of the process, as to how work ‘flows’ through your organization.

WFA, will help you improve efficiency and therefore your bottom line. We achieve this by assessing your internal processes and communications.

Efron Media Group utilizes its own system known as Global Positing System Analysis (GPSA). Our system can be applied to any organization small or large and in virtually any industry.

If you are in business you can benefit from WFA.

The GPSA starts at the beginning of the process known as HOME, it then follows the process as set down by your organization and each step is noted as a way point until the process ends and the destination is reached.

Much like the GPS in your car finds the most direct route for you. Our system analyzes the current process and ascertains areas of improvement. The process or flow is then tested in a theoretical approach and modified until the most efficient process is reached. Efron Media Group will assist your organization in the implementation of a more streamlined or direct approach based upon the findings of your WFA.

Why is this important?

Put simply, WFA and GPSA combine to provide you, the business owner or manager, with the data and processes you need to improve the functionality in your organization.

The reduction in lost time or increased efficiency allows you to maximize the return on your most expensive investment, your staff. Additionally the process driven approach can reduce costs relating to external factors such as shipping times, stock on hold or outsourcing.

Why do you need a WFA?

As we are all aware the economy is cyclical, with highs and lows. The WFA and GPSA approach will allow you to better position your organization to combat the lows and profit from the highs. The leaner and more efficient that an organization is the better chance it has to increase profits.

Profits mean business growth, job security and
long-term sustainability.

The question is Why haven’t you had one done yet?