Staffing Skill Review

Like technology and marketing your staff are a cornerstone of your business. Without them, your business will not progress. This may lead to customer dissatisfaction and as a result, they may seek alternative suppliers of goods and services.

Todays business strategy is that of a “lean” business approach. In small and medium organizations that often means a reduction in staff. Depending on the organisation, staff reduction is a short term reactionary response to market changes.

A far superior technique is to perform a Staffing Skill Review.

The Staffing Skill Review (SSR) is designed to assess your staffs key skills, abilities and talents. This is done not to primarily reduce staff but more importantly to develop staff.

Understanding your staffs skills, experience, interests and hobbies allows an organization to provide and transfer staff to the position which best utilizes those skills, talents and interests.

You may have staff that are highly skilled yet you are not aware of it.

How does the business benefit?

Your business can benefit from such a process in the following manner:-

  • Improving Staff efficiency and work allocation
  • Improving cost base
  • Reducing multiple people in a single or cross role
  • Developing job descriptions
  • Creating a strategy for staff development
  • Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your staff
  • Improving morale by recognising staff abilities
  • Building loyalty through recognition programs
  • Establishing strong succession plans
  • Recognising and eliminating skill voids.

This strategic approach to human resources will maximise your staff efficiencies and goals while mitigating their weaknesses. It will also assist in minimising and eliminating skill voids within your organisation. Additionally, we will partner with you to develop new job descriptions that best fit the needs of your organisation.

Our team of consultants will work with owners and senior management to implement new systems utilising the results of the SSR.